Sea and Air Cargo from Dalian and Northern China.

In the north of China the Sea Freight Container Ports of Yingyou, Qinhuangdao and Dalian service the northern most Chinese provinces. However most European importers from this area of China prefer to ship FOB the Sea Freight Container Port of Dalian as Dalian has the fastest container shipping transit times to Felixstowe and Southampton.


Sea and Air Freight from Beijing and Tianjin.

Sea freight from Beijing the main administrative city of China usually ships via the Sea Freight Container Port of Tianjin which is around a two hour drive from Beijing. Tianjin is an extremely busy Sea Freight Container Port itself slightly outside of the main city of Tianjin which also links to Tianjin International Airport with air cargo connections worldwide. Tianjin also services the Chinese provinces of Shanxi and Hebei.


Air and Sea Freight from Qingdao.

Slightly further south the Shandong Province is serviced by the major Sea Freight Container Port of Qingdao and Rizhao. Qingdao however has the better links, with fast five hour train connection to Tianjin and Beijing. Air Freight from Qingdao normally leaves China through either Shanghai or Beijing with airlines such as China Southern, Korean, and British Airways offering daily connections. Qingdao is widely known as a major Chinese manufacturing area and as such is a fast sea freight container transit exit point with sailings from Qingdao to Felixstowe and Southampton leaving weekly.


Sea and Cargo Freight from Shanghai and Ningbo.

On the Eastern seaboard of China the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei and Henan are serviced by the Sea Freight Container Ports of Nantong, Shanghai, Zhoushan and Ningbo. However Shanghai and Ningbo are the primary ports. Ningbo port has sailing to Felixstowe and Southampton with a transit time of around 25 days. British Airways has both a China Air Cargo Freighter service from Shanghai and daily capacity in its London and Manchester direct flights. Multiple airlines such as Emirates and UPS also offer daily air cargo services to the UK from Shanghai and Ningbo as both of these areas are major manufacturing areas. For more information regarding air cargo and sea freight container rates from Shanghai or Ningbo please contact us for Customs Clearance advice.


Cargo Freight by Air and Sea from Xiamen.

Wenzhou Sea Freight Container Port services most Chinese Exporters who are between Shanghai, Ningbo but not far enough south to utilise the Container Ports of Fujian Province which are Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen. Xiamen is the most popular port for exports from Fujian for both Sea Freight and Air Cargo.


Cargo Shipping by Freight from Shenzhen via Yantian and Chiwan.

In the South of China around Shenzhen and Guangzhou in Guangdong the Container Ports of Yantian and Chiwan service exports to Europe on a daily basis. However, if given the choice most exporters from Shenzhen prefer the newer Port of Chiwan as Yantian can become very congested. Shipping Lines also call on the Freight Container Ports of Mawan, Shantou, Shanwei but these are less popular than Yantian and Chiwan as Shenzhen exporters try to avoid shipping from them due to limited space. Gone are the days when Shenzhen Exporters used to have to truck all of their China Air Cargo to Hong Kong as Shenzhen now boasts a new international airport catering for both Air Cargo and Passenger services, including daily UPS Cargo Freight flights to Europe. British Airways, Cathay Pacific and China Airlines operate daily cargo belly hold capacity to both London and Manchester from Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


Cargo Shipping from Hong Kong by Air and Sea Freight.

Hong Kong is one of the oldest Chinese trading ports with global air cargo and sea freight container links. Most major southern Chinese manufactures have showrooms in Hong Kong but tend to manufacture the actual products in the Shenzhen economic zone which is just across the border from Hong Kong. British Airways and Cathay Pacific operate daily flights to London and Manchester from Hong Kong with a large cargo freight capacity. Although Hong Kong is one of the more developed Chinese markets buyers should be aware that it is always best to agree in advance the terms of freight shipment which are normally FOB. These FOB shipping terms means that the Hong Kong supplier is responsible for all local Hong Kong freight charges with the buyer choosing both the Hong Kong cargo agent and China freight shipping lines used.